As this endpoint belongs to a our legacy API, it’s URL and authentication is different from the rest of our endpoints, please follow the instructions below to make your requests.

Basic Access Authentication

This endpoint is protected by Basic Access Authentication.

If you are a client already, you can create your basic access token by generating a Base64 encoded string using your email and password joined by a colon:

If you are not a client yet, you can request access to try out the API from here.

Once you have your Basic Auth Token, you can authorize to the API by setting a header named Authorization containing your token, following the previous example it would look like:

Authorization: Basic amFuZS5kb2VAZW1haWwuY29tOmphbmVzUGFzc3dvcmQ=.

Security practices

Please do not share your user credentials with other users or applications or publish them in public code repositories. Please make sure to use a secure method for storing the environment variables, such as a secret management tool. Storing sensitive data like user credentials in plaintext or in the codebase can be a security risk.