Building your application


Our public API offers a complete set of tools to build automation bots using the latest AI technology. Custom conversational AI integration allows to automate any text-based conversations by using the Ultimate Public API to send & receive messages to the Ultimate bot as well as subscribe to bot events through webhooks.

Building your application

In general terms, your application can be built with any programming language or technology. In this section, we will provide some use cases that the application is expected to cover as well as how to cover those use cases using the Ultimate API.

This tutorial will make use of a template project that we have created in order to get things started quickly. The template project can be found here the template project. It uses NodeJS and express to create a simple server that will:

  1. Handle the events from the bot
  2. Send visitor messages to the bot

It implements a middleware service that will act as intermediary between your application and Ultimate Chat API.

This tutorial assumes that the bot has been configured. It will also require the API key and the botId. Please see use a Custom CRM in Ultimate’s dashboard to acquire them.

The application is responsible for

  1. Sending messages from the customer to the bot
  2. Receive events from the bot
  3. Send messages from an agent to the customer in case of an escalation using Ultimate Chat Widget